Sunday, November 13, 2005


I have a question. And I am being serious when I ask this question.... Why are minorities Liberal?

Lets start off with gays. Democrats ARE NOT for gay marriage (FYI). So why be liberal? Is it because they see conservatives as bible huggers? This doesn't make sense to me. I can see if you are more liberal in other areas... but a lot of gays aren't. The Democrats are doing nothing for gay marriage... they are not pushing for it in any way shape or form. I think it is odd how minority groups automatically side with the liberals just because it is "what they are supposed to do". One might say that it is because Republicans are Christian and view homosexuality as immoral. This is true, but most Democrats view homosexuality as immoral as well - there really is no difference here. Someone explain!

Now what about African Americans? I could go on and on about this forever... but I have to make it short because I have to study. WHY IN THE WORLD ARE BLACKS LIBERAL? Socially they are more conservative, and fiscally they are liberal. What have the liberals fiscally done for the black community in the last 50 years? Basically they have kept them poor and dependent on the government. Why is this acceptable for African Americans? Liberals band aid the issue by trying to give them the smallest amount of money possible to get them by. While conservative look in the future and try to do what is best down the road - AKA: giving them a free education and trying to get them placed in jobs. If you don't believe that politics plays a HUGE role in this then you are mistaken! Liberals aren't the only ones at fault here... liberals like the fact that these people are poor because they are their voting base (and even if they don't get out and vote... at least they are not voting conservative). Everyone knows if the poor would get educated and start making money that they would vote Republican! Conservatives on the other hand have gotten lazy and basically given up on these people. They don't vote and when they do they vote liberal - so why even bother. That shouldn't be the case... As Republicans we need to look into the future of our party and help these people realize that they don't have to settle for what the liberals have to offer them. I understand that the "Republican" way of doing things takes some hard work and effort but it will benefit them SO much more down the road.

How can this be so clear to me and almost every other conservative but yet the black community still settles for the easy band aid that the liberals offer them? I just don't get it!!!


Blogger William said...

I don't think homosexual are so much pro-democrat as they are anti-republican and regardless of whether or not you agree with homosexuality it should be easy to see why someone in their position would think that way.

It is republicans pushing the anti-gay marriage amendments to state's and the federal constitution. I think I could say that if someone had a legislative agenda geared at limiting what I could do that I might have a problem with them.

Curious though...since you're labeling homosexuals as a minority do you think those anti-marriage laws are discriminatory?

9:57 PM  
Blogger The Anti-Liberali said...

I can understand why they are anti-republican. But the liberals back the same sex marriage bans as well. It isn't like they are were against them, they just hide behind the Republicans well.

No I don't see the anti-marriage laws as discriminatory. We actually just covered this in constitutional law. The goverernment regulates many things that have a "moral" character and this is one of them.

10:07 PM  
Blogger whigwham said...

my guess is that when you're a "progressive" party which endorses a mild form of statism, you're going to naturally attract minorities.
whether you're a homosexual who wants a "right" to sodomy or marriage or you are an african-american who, through no fault of your own, was raised in a ghetto, the easy way out is to look to the government. and which party is the party that thinks the government ought to solve all social ills? (notwithstanding the unfortunate Bush quote, "when somebody hurts, the government has got to move")
so whether, in fact, the democrats actually do anything for minorities (which they don't), it is true that the philosophy of government of the "progressives" will naturally draw those who want something (the easy way, thru uncle sam).
in a similar vein, from a great blog:, Tom Van Dyke says:
"Progressivism in domestic policy is enticing; things can always get better. Wi-fi for the disadvantaged, geez, why not? Anyone who can promise cost-effective dental care for stray dogs has our complete attention. Or if anyone can promise to ease the plight of the poor, boy, we feel good about voting for that, too. We see poor people everyday, and not just on TV. Somebody ought to do something, even if it only requires a really futile and stupid gesture be done on somebody's part. Everybody knows that it's the Democrats who are just the guys to do it."

10:13 PM  
Blogger The Anti-Liberali said...

I like you whigwham... Welcome to the world of blogging!

6:38 AM  

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