Saturday, October 22, 2005

The Sky Ball

I am going to the Sky Ball tonight with RR. It is a military fundraiser and yes, the President will be there!!! It is going to be at an airport hanger and GWB will be flying over in a fighter plane and then landing and coming to the party. RR told me that Cheney was also in town - so we might have the pleasure of meeting him as well. Are the President and VP allowed in the same room together? I never understand all of that security stuff!!!

I am really excited to go, it is going to be a lot of fun! RR and I are planning on stalking the President. I NEED MY PICTURE TAKEN WITH HIM!!! The theme was denim and diamonds... does anyone know what the hell that means? RR and I decided that we didn't want to look like idiots so we went the diamond route. We are going to be all decked out in cute little black dresses and a TON of diamonds!

I will let you guys know how it went! Wish us luck!!!


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