Sunday, July 31, 2005

My Political Percentage!

Your Political Profile

Overall: 90% Conservative, 10% Liberal

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Ethics: 50% Conservative, 50% Liberal

Defense and Crime: 100% Conservative, 0% Liberal


Saturday, July 30, 2005

Carter's Two Cents.... That is About All it is Worth

Carter is yet again lashing out against the war in Iraq and calling for the prison in Guantanamo Bay to shut down. He believes that it is an embarrassment to the U.S. to detain terrorist prisoners there. WHAT??? Typical liberal - lets just free the terrorist... why not? Maybe they will just come bomb more buildings - YES - how fun!!! He also thinks that by holding the terrorists there we are giving excuses to potential terrorists to lash out and kill more innocent people. Maybe he missed the year 2001-2002... IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT WE DO - they want to kill innocent people, they WANT to attack AMERICA. So why not stop them before they get here??? Doesn't that make sense? So basically his arguments are: 1. we shouldn't detain terrorists - it is embarrassing and 2. we should free the terrorists so that way potential terrorists wont be as pissed at us.

Does anyone care what this man thinks?? Think about it... even if you are liberal - Carter was one of the WORST Presidents ever.... he couldn't run this country then... what makes him think he can run it now???

Friday, July 29, 2005


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Another Idiot Reporter

I am not saying that I would support Dick Cheney if he ran for President... Do I think he would make a great President?? Yes, I truly do. But he definitely is not the most electable person at this time. You might not even like Cheney... but will you kill yourself if he was elected President??? Well apparently some people would! Today a news reporter claimed: "The day Dick Cheney is going to run for president, I'll kill myself," - she followed that by saying "All we need is one more liar" - I am assuming that she was referring to Clinton!! I say ELECT CHENEY!!! This country needs to be fixed... one less liberal reporter at a time!!!

Thursday, July 28, 2005

To Search or Not to Search

What should we do in order to protect our transportation systems from being used by terrorists to commit their hateful crimes against Americans?

I will tell you what we need to do... we need to search! I am so sick and tired of people complaining about racial profiling. HELLO, we know the exact person who is committing these crimes! I am all about civil liberties, and protecting individual rights, however, this really isn't invasion of anyone's property or rights... we are protecting the rights of MANY by searching FEW. It isn't an 80 year old grandmother bombing the subways in London or flying airplanes through buildings in America... it is youthful Muslim men. It doesn't take a genius to figure out who we need to be profiling and searching here.

Before people start going off on me... 1. I don't think that these men should be hassled or harassed - just their bags searched. and 2. I also believe that we should have random searches as well. It doesn't make sense to ONLY search the young Muslim men. Once the enemy knows who we are looking for they will then find someone else to do their dirty work for them. BUT we KNOW who is committing these crimes of terror - so why not search these men????

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Fool Me Eight Times, Shame on me

Ann Coulter Day is here again!!!

Ann discusses the Robert's nomination again. I can see her point! She specifically states that even if ALL the Democrats and moderate Republicans voted against Bush's nominee - we would still win! We have the majority - so WHY put someone up for nomination that we don't know anything about??? Bush should have taken a safer approach... and used Roberts after the elections in 2006, if we so happen to lose seats in Congress!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Morality Test!

See Republicans can act like liberals too!!!

MORALITY TEST:This test has only one question, but it's a very important one. By carefully considering the question, and then giving a completely honest answer,
you will discover where you stand morally in relation to the rest of the population. The test features an unlikely, completely fictional situation in which you must simply make one basic decision.Remember that your answer needs to be thoughtful and honest, yet spontaneous. Please scroll down slowly and consider each fact in the fictional scenario.

BEGIN TEST:You are in Florida. Miami, to be exact.There is chaos all around you caused by a hurricane with severe flooding.The flooding is of near-biblical proportions.You are a photo journalist covering the disaster for a major newspaper.You are caught up in the disaster, but in a position of relative safety.The situation for others is rapidly becoming hopeless.Your career is shooting photos, and you see houses and people struggling in the water all around you.Nature is showing all of its destructive fury.You see a woman in the water, fighting for her life, trying to avoid being swept away.You move closer. Somehow the woman looks familiar.Suddenly you realize who it is. It's HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON.At the same time you realize the waters are about to take her under.You have two options:1. You can save her, or2. You can take a most dramatic photo of her loss.In other words, you can save the life of Hillary Clinton, or you can shoot a possible Pulitzer prize winning photo, documenting the demise of
one of the world's most powerful women.Here's the question, and please give an honest answer:

Would you select color film, or would you prefer to go with the classic simplicity of black and white?

Monday, July 25, 2005

Jane Fonda - Now There's a Real Winner!!!

The news is reporting that "actress" and "activist" (I think we can question both of those) Jane Fonda will be going on a bus tour around America to call for an end to the war in Iraq. HOLY SHIT EVERYONE- Jane Fonda wants the war to end... I mean she is even going on a bus tour to promote this... we better just stop right now and leave Iraq in shambles because Jane Fonda says so!

Is she being serious? Does she honestly think that a "bus tour" will do any good? Just like ANY OTHER LIBERAL - she is Anti-American and doesn't get what this war is all about. We are in Iraq for a purpose and we aren't going to leave until we have accomplished it. Who the hell is Jane Fonda anyways - does anyone give a crap about her anymore? She is just another washed up actress looking for some attention!

I am sick and tired of Hollywood butting their uneducated nose into every foreign affair! Stick to what you do best - make music and movies! Leave the job of running the country to the white house!!!

Friday, July 22, 2005

Democrats & Pro-life????

In my daily scan of the Drudge Report something jumped out at me, it said: Dean Urges Dems to Court Pro-life Voters.... WHAT?????

Dean stated that "Democrats need to reach out to voters who oppose abortion rights and promote candidates who share that view" He claims that Democrats need to change their stance on this issue. Republicans have painted a pro-life party and he doesn't know ANYONE in America who is pro-abortion. Before all you liberals get your panties in a wad and start pointing out how Dean is NUTS (which we already know) Dean's arguments are just echoes of former President Clinton and his crazy wife in the past month or so. YES THAT IS RIGHT... YOUR IDOLS ARE GOING PRO-LIFE... OH NO, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO NOW????

NOTE: Dean still believes in individual and personal freedom. HA HA

DeLay's spokesman Kevin Madden said it best: "Howard Dean's rants are a perfect example of why the American people have lost faith in the national Democratic party."

This is EXACTLY what I was talking about when I said that the Democratic Party could CARE LESS about the people in the party and only care about how many votes they are getting. They don't care about the poor... it benefits them for the poor to stay poor. They don't care about the gays, if they did they would be trying harder to allow same sex marriage. They get by, by "claiming" to care to get a few more votes. And the NEW "trend" of the liberals is to go pro-life... that way they can get the pro-life democratic votes (OH WAIT... I thought there was NO SUCH THING???) Obviously it is more common then you thought or your party wouldn't be bending over backwards trying to get their votes!!! So much for those LAME, ONE SIDED STATS!!!

You liberals must be SO proud to be a part of this wishy washy, selfish, hypocritical party!! All I can say is - glad it is you, not me!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

SC Nomination

This was a surprise!!

Everything I have read about Roberts is fairly vague. I am pretty sure he hasn't spoken out on one issue - so we really don't know if he will turn out to be more conservative or liberal. It scares me a little that the NY Times/Washington Post don't have anything negative to say, while Ann Coulter is up in arms. The shit really hasn't hit the fan. I was hoping the Dems would be freaking out, and trying to find a way to undo their filibuster deal.

It is obvious that Roberts is an intelligent man - but he hasn't spoken out on anything! This could be a good thing - he could be conservative with no history, which makes it hard for the liberals to turn down. Or it could be a bad thing... he could be a loose cannon.

I can't wait to watch the hearings!

Souter in Roberts Clothing


She apparently dislikes Roberts as the Supreme Court Nominee!!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Name-Calling Contest!!!!

He needs to get out some anger and frustration!!!

Anyone and Everyone...

I think everyone is getting a little Blog stressed - so I have decided to create a post where you can call any public figure any name you choose to! Be creative, mean, vulgar... whatever!!!

I don't mind name-calling... it is actually funny sometimes... just not 200 times in one post!! So get your anger out here!!!

HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!

McCain in "Wedding Crashers"

On a light note before the shit hits the fan tomorrow.....

So John McCain made a cameo in the move "Wedding Crashers" - SO WHAT!! The Drudge Report called it a "boob raunch fest"... what??? They only show a few boobs - AND his appearance in the movie was classy and fitting - it isn't like he was hooking up with the naked girls!!

Have any of you seen this movie? It has got to be THE FUNNIEST movie I have seen in a long long time!!! If you haven't seen it check it out - then post away!!

Thursday, July 14, 2005

The March of Freedom

QAYARRAH, Iraq: Citizens of the southern city of Qayarrah, of the northern province of Ninewah, gather to demonstrate their defiance against terrorism during the March Against Terror. Over 1,000 Iraqi citizens, including several influential political and religious leaders, marched alongside Iraqi Army and police officers in this first of several such demonstrations planned for the northern region of Iraq.

This happened July 5th, why are we just now hearing about it? LIBERAL F***ing Media! The Iraqi civilians are doing what GWB has planned all along - they are taking back their country from the terrorists and the media just can't stand GWB looking DAMN good!!

So far we have:
- liberated the Iraqi people from a brutal dictator who gassed his own people, invaded his neighbors, harbored terrorists,funded terrorists and had reached out to bin Laden
- degraded terrorist operations throughout the world
- held elections with record turn outs
- found bunkers where it was likely WMD's were
- found chemical and biological weapons: brucella and Congo-Crimean hemorrhagic fever, ricin, sarin, aflatoxin - and long-range missiles in Iraq
- And we are in the process of training Iraqi police by American Troops to help better protect their country

AND WE ARE LOSING THIS WAR??? Well - that is what the LIBERAL media would have you believe!

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Mission Implausible


This week: Mission Implausible - What is really going on with Karl Rove and this whole stupid situation!!!


Okay My Peeps, I prob. wont be posting on here until Monday. I have finals Thursday and Friday and then I am moving on Sat.

Keep up the good fight! I will be randomly checking in!!!


Monday, July 11, 2005

Karl Rove - Most Brilliant Man Alive!

This is a statement made by TROUBLE:
Before any of you come on here and start trying to defend him, i would just like it to be said that T. Trouble M thinks that karl rove is a FAT, DISGUSTING, EVIL, SUBVERSIVE, GREEDY, BAD INTENTIONED PIECE OF SHIT AND SHOULD NOT ONLY BE FIRED BUT SHOULD GO TO JAIL.

The only reason why you say that trouble is because Karl rove is the most brilliant man alive - and he is on OUR side! If he helped Kerry win the election you would be jumping on the Rove bandwagon faster than anyone! Get over it!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Are Conservative Christian's Too Christian?

Red, White and Commie commented on one of my posts with an article for Republicans to read! This article is written by a former Senator/very moderate conservative. I would have just posted a rebuttal from a moderate liberal - however, I don't think there are any Christian ones out there! I am going to post the article here with my comments about it! This is going to be F-U-N!! (my comments are in the beautiful colors!)

IT would be an oversimplification to say that America's culture wars
are now between people of faith and nonbelievers. People of faith are
not of one mind, whether on specific issues like stem cell research and
government intervention in the case of Terri Schiavo, or the more
general issue of how religion relates to politics. In recent years,
conservative Christians have presented themselves as representing the
one authentic Christian perspective on politics. With due respect for
our conservative friends, equally devout Christians come to very
different conclusions.
No one is judging other Christian's here. No one is saying that you have to believe in what we do to be a devout believer in God. However, to be a devout CHRISTIAN, as I am sure most of your faith's/religions would tell you, have the same beliefs as Conservatives. SAVE THE POSTS LIBERALI'S... I am not saying you all hate God, and that you all are immoral jerk-offs (well, most are... But not all). But facts are facts.... Not all conservatives are pro-life, not all conservatives believe in the death penalty... But for the most part MOST conservatives do believe in the morals/values of Christianity, end of story!

It is important for those of us who are sometimes called moderates to
make the case that we, too, have strongly held Christian convictions,
that we speak from the depths of our beliefs, and that our approach to
politics is at least as faithful as that of those who are more
conservative. Our difference concerns the extent to which government
should, or even can, translate religious beliefs into the laws of the
Exactly what are these strong Christian convictions again? You believe that we should all share??? I think we had a debate under the 10 commandments post about that one... Sorry but that isn't a strong argument for the libs!

People of faith have the right, and perhaps the obligation, to bring
their values to bear in politics. Many conservative Christians approach
politics with a certainty that they know God's truth, and that they can
advance the kingdom of God through governmental action. So they have
developed a political agenda that they believe advances God's kingdom,
one that includes efforts to "put God back" into the public square and
to pass a constitutional amendment intended to protect marriage from
the perceived threat of homosexuality.
Conservative Christians DO have the right and obligation to bring our values into politics. It is OUR RIGHT to have our beliefs upheld and to not be taken away from us. The liberals will fight and scream INTOLERANT at the top of their lungs... However they are trying to take OUR rights away from us... The difference here is that WE HAVE THESE RIGHTS TO LOSE... These are our rights! Gays don't have the right to get married, women didn't have the right to have an abortion (now they do thanks to activist justices) yet somehow the liberals will make you believe that these rights do actually exist and the Republicans are the ones trying to take them away. This paragraph is a little melodramatic! We don't believe that we will advance the kingdom of God through governmental action - actually we are trying to do what is moral and right... Instead of letting this country get more and more immoral and tacky by the day.

Moderate Christians are less certain about when and how our beliefs
can be translated into statutory form, not because of a lack of faith
in God but because of a healthy acknowledgement of the limitations of
human beings. Like conservative Christians, we attend church, read the
Bible and say our prayers.
Hmmmm... The limitations of human beings? Is he trying to say that our limitation is killing an innocent baby, and letting homosexuals get married? This is just a polite way to cover up their lack of faith... There is no other way of putting it. If you want to be pro-choice, or for gay marriage - by all means do so! Republican's wont hate you, or despise you... But don't tell me you are a devout Christian who is just acknowleging the limitations of human beings... WEAK!

But for us, the only absolute standard of behavior is the commandment
to love our neighbors as ourselves. Repeatedly in the Gospels, we find
that the Love Commandment takes precedence when it conflicts with laws.
We struggle to follow that commandment as we face the realities of
everyday living, and we do not agree that our responsibility to live as
Christians can be codified by legislators.
I commend people who live by this commandment - it is one of the most important ones. But this guy, as well as liberals take this commandment out of context. REPUBLICANS ARE NOT INTOLERANT, GAY BASHING, RACIST people. We don't care what you do on your own time... We live by this same commandment. Just because we don't agree that gays should be allowed to get married doesn't mean that we don't love our neighbors as ourselves. We aren't hunting them down and burning them at the stake! Just because we don't want innocent babies to die doesn't mean we aren't loving our neighbor as ourselves. This argument is old and worn out.

When, on television, we see a person in a persistent vegetative state,
one who will never recover, we believe that allowing the natural and
merciful end to her ordeal is more loving than imposing government
power to keep her hooked up to a feeding tube.
So liberals believe that starving someone to death is merciful and natural? Wow, so much for love thy neighbor as themselves huh? Come on! THIS IS MURDER! And it is far from Natural and merciful - it is more for greed and selfishness, 2 things liberals do best! The ACLU fought and fought for this woman to die... However, they FIGHT AND FIGHT to protect outrageous murderers from the death penalty or to make sure that the terrorists we have captured are still getting their 5 course meals or their favorite cereal - WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE???? You have it all backwards!

When we see an opportunity to save our neighbors' lives through stem
cell research, we believe that it is our duty to pursue that research,
and to oppose legislation that would impede us from doing so.
Liberals will use the "love thy neighbor" for anything and everything possible. It is a weak excuse to kill!

We think that efforts to haul references of God into the public
square, into schools and courthouses, are far more apt to divide
Americans than to advance faith.
How will this divide Americans? If public/private places want to put up the 10 commandments they should be allowed to do so. We are not forcing people to pray when they walk into the courthouse. OKAY let me just stop right here for a second... Has anyone else reading this stopped and thought - THESE GUYS ARE NOT CHRISTIAN? You fight and fight to do everything against Christian beliefs, you fight and fight to prevent anything Christian from being spread, should we just walk around and pretend it doesn't exist? That will bring Americans much closer!! GOOD IDEA!

Following a Lord who reached out in compassion to all human beings, we
oppose amending the Constitution in a way that would humiliate
PLEASE FOR ONCE will a liberal stop using "compassion" and "love thy neighbor" as a way out!!

For us, living the Love Commandment may be at odds with efforts to
encapsulate Christianity in a political agenda. We strongly support the
separation of church and state, both because that principle is
essential to holding together a diverse country, and because the
policies of the state always fall short of the demands of faith. Aware
that even our most passionate ventures into politics are efforts to
carry the treasure of religion in the earthen vessel of government, we
proceed in a spirit of humility lacking in our conservative colleagues.
HERE WE GO AGAIN - the LOVE COMMANDMENT - I think I am going to be sick! First of all we are not trying to promote church and state together - that is called a monarchy. This is separation of church and state - we are not promoting our religious agenda into the government - what we are doing is what this country has been doing since it has been founded - it is the liberals trying to push their agenda on us.

In the decade since I left the Senate, American politics has been
characterized by two phenomena: the increased activism of the Christian
right, especially in the Republican Party, and the collapse of
bipartisan collegiality. I do not think it is a stretch to suggest a
relationship between the two. To assert that I am on God's side and you
are not, that I know God's will and you do not, and that I will use the
power of government to advance my understanding of God's kingdom is
certain to produce hostility.
I am not saying some liberals are not on God's side - you very well might be. I don't think conservatives are better people then liberals either... But we do have different views... And they ARE Christian views... If you choose to call us "better" because of it then that is YOUR term for it! And FYI - we are not using our Christian views (aka: advancement of God's kingdom) to produce hostility or win elections - REPUBLICANS truly believe in these Christian morals and values. We are strong and firm believers and that is why we are a strong party and that is why we WIN!

By contrast, moderate Christians see ourselves, literally, as
moderators. Far from claiming to possess God's truth, we claim only to
be imperfect seekers of the truth. We reject the notion that religion
should present a series of wedge issues useful at election time for
energizing a political base. We believe it is God's work to practice
humility, to wear tolerance on our sleeves, to reach out to those with
whom we disagree, and to overcome the meanness we see in today's
Tolerance again... If I had a flippen dime for every time a liberal used that excuse I would be the richest person in the world!!!!!! Hey - if you are Happy being a "moderate Christian" then more power to you - but that isn't what WE are... Most liberals usually argue that they are just as much of Christians as Republicans are... Which one is it? If you want to call yourselves moderate Christians - I can say I actually agree with you for once!
Like I said above, we don't have to use our religious views to gain more votes - we firmly believe in these values, and the people know it.. it is the libs who feel like they have to bring them up every election!

For us, religion should be inclusive, and it should seek to bridge the
differences that separate people. We do not exclude from worship those
whose opinions differ from ours. Following a Lord who sat at the table
with tax collectors and sinners, we welcome to the Lord's table all who
would come. Following a Lord who cited love of God and love of neighbor
as encompassing all the commandments, we reject a political agenda that
displaces that love. Christians who hold these convictions ought to add
their clear voice of moderation to the debate on religion in politics.
Republican's understand that not everyone shares the same faith. That is a no brainer. Certain things are worth standing up and fighting for though. I would NEVER walk into a synagogue and start preaching my Catholic views to the Jewish community. I know my views are not wanted there. It is not the right place or right time. We welcome everyone... And different religions can come together - but that shouldn't come at the cost of us losing our values and morals as a Country. There will be a minority of atheists who want to bring this country down... Yes I understand that - and I believe it was the red, white and commie (maybe it was hey brother - I get all you commies confused) who stated that we should uphold the rights of the minorities - that is true... Their rights are being upheld by allowing them to believe or not to believe in any form of God they choose. I wish you liberals would start following what you preach. 1. You are so tired of conservatives pushing our values and morals on you - well we are tired of you pushing your lack of values and morals on us! 2. Stop acting like Republicans are intolerant and judgmental, when it has been the liberals who are the ones intolerant of Christianity here!

John C. Danforth is an Episcopal minister and former Republican (ha ha) Moderate liberal at best! senator from Missouri.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Reagan's Biggest Mistake Finally Retires

Ann Coulter Thursday!! Her new article has posted!!

I admire Sandra Day O'Connor for what she has accomplished in her life time, it truly is amazing. However, I will be the first to say that she hasn't been the best decision maker!

Sunday, July 03, 2005

How NOT to Pick Up Girls!

1. Say you are a liberali
2. Wave your hand infront of your face, and say you are doing the Terri Schiavo dance
3. Claim to be "new" in town and you need someone to show you where the hot spots are
4. With some cheesy pick up line
5. Talk about how you never held a job, and you still live at your parents - when you are 35


Friday, July 01, 2005

Sandra Day O'Connor Retires

After 24 years as a Supreme Court Justice, Sandra Day O'Connor has announced her resignation today! I have mixed feelings about this - one thing is for sure though... ALL HELL IS ABOUT TO BREAK LOOSE ON CAPITOL HILL!

What a SHOCKER! There have been many rumors that O'Connor would soon retire, but EVERYONE thought it would be Rehnquist first! Who would have ever guessed that the fence-riding Justice would be the first to go! Liberals must be FREAKING out right about now!

Like I said above, I have mixed feelings about her retirement. On one hand I admire the lady more then anyone in the world!!! She was the first woman allowed into Stanford Law School, she was an Arizona State Senator, she somehow accomplished the "unheard of" cross-over to become an Arizona County/Court of Appeals judge, and of course this wonderful lady was the first woman appointed to the Supreme Court by Ronald Reagan. She has accomplished SO much and it is sad to see her go!

On the other hand though, she has been the swing voter in many important cases (including a few recent decisions). Her retirement will be for the better of the court, that way George W. Bush can appoint a stronger conservative!

Bush stated he will appoint another Justice before the new term begins in the fall, he also called for a "dignified process" in the Senate to confirm the nominee "characterized by fair treatment, a fair hearing and a fair vote." HA HA HA HA . Does anyone else find this funny? Like the commies aren't going to piss and moan!!!

I personally hope that GWB appoints another woman to the court. I am not a feminist trying to promote my own agenda, I just think the court should remain balanced! There have been MANY speculations of who GWB might appoint - most are men though! What do you guys think??
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